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Our preparation course consists of either 4-hour group classes on Saturdays (9 AM- 1PM) or 2-hour classes twice per week. Students will be required to exercise the 4 language abilities:listening, speaking, reading, writing. Through these modules the student will develop their analytical, communicative, morphosyntactic and meta-linguistic abilities. The student will also receive 1 hour of private tutoring and access to our e-learning platform. With this platform, teachers and students will always be in touch to discuss class topics and non-related topics. Extra exercises and a discussion forum will also be available.

Preparation Course to the CELI
4 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks
4 hour classes on Saturdays/2 hour classes twice a week
1 hour Private Tutoring
Exam Fee
(Enrollment fee included)
$610 $970
2 hour classes twice a week
1 hour Private Tutoring
Exam Fee
(Enrollment fee included)
$610 $890
+ 10 hour one to one tutoring
(to be scheduled with the student)

If you are interested in CELI exams at our Center, without a preparation course, please contact us to register. Note: exam fee $210 + $80 enrollment (non- refundable).

The Examination is assessed directly by the University of Perugia. The University will inform if the examination has been passed or failed. If a section of the examination has been failed, you are given the opportunity to rewrite that section. The rewrite may be taken in any officially recognized CELI Exam Centres. There will be fees associated with the need to rewrite any portion of the exam.

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